Won planning appeal for a two-storey house extension in Patcham, Brighton

— 25 Apr 2019 10:50:00 by Stephan Silver

Cam1 v03

We are pleased to report that we have gained planning permission via government appeal for a two-storey house extension in Patcham, Brighton

Excerpts from the officer’s report: 

The question of the works comprising excessive variety, is something over which one might fret from an initial view of the submitted plans. However I am convinced that the reality would indeed be cohesive and that this variety of heights and scale would be a very appropriate response to a site with considerable levels challenges.

To my mind the design of the appeal scheme is thoughtful.

To my mind as a composite property the end product would be visually acceptable.

The Brighton and Hove Local Plan (LP) seeks well designed extensions and alterations that should protect local distinctiveness, complement the host property and its locality, have regard to spacing and siting, and not detract from the local character. Given the nature of the scheme I conclude that the proposal would not conflict with this development plan policy. 

View the house in our portfolio pages

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