Devastated about Notre-Dame Cathedral of Paris

— 16 Apr 2019 14:48:00 by Stephan Silver

Mira Reiss Notre Dame

Such shocking and sad news to hear about the fire of the Notre-Dame Cathedral last night in Paris. The roof with its forest of timber beams was immediately engulfed in flames which took most of the roof and central spire down.

Luckily, sixteen copper statues that sat along the four verges of the spire which were placed there by Architect, Viollet-le-Duc, had been removed last Thursday to be restored.

It has been mentioned that the structure of the building seems intact as well as the main organ. We will have to wait for more news about the extent of damage over the coming days and hope to see the rebuilding over the coming years.

To donate to the rebuilding, please go to this webpage: Notre-Dame Cathedral heritage rebuilding donations fund

Image by Mira Reiss.

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