Planned perspectives

— 9 Nov 2019 14:38:00 by Stephan Silver

ICA Corridors v2

Perspective and visual play have long been the subject of architecture and interior designers.

Walls and the definition of space have their actual physical boundaries that define the size of the space but how can we alter perceived reality and create a false illusion, making a space seem bigger or smaller than it actually is?

Here we find two images that make a play on a corridor. Simply by playing with the spacing of lines and squares on a floor, when this corridor is viewed from one end, it appears longer (image to the left) than when viewed from the other end, where the corridor seems shorter (image to the right).

This can be psychologically helpful such as having a false impression of feeling less tired when you might have to climb stairs that look like a shorter flight as compared to having more energy when walking down what seems to be a shorter flight of stairs.

There are other ways to play with a perceived image of space such as with colour and light.


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